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vPhone Hosted Cloud PBX is fully managed phone system with voice, fax, voicemail, extensions, menus, time conditions, intercom/paging, and more hosted in the cloud for maximum uptime and reliability without the expense of  purchasing and maintaining your own servers.  Easily connect multiple locations and remote staff into a unified phone system regardless of location.


We setup and configure everything so you can spend less time worried about technical things and more time working on your business. Manage as much or as little as you want.


Our low-cost simplified billing is easy on your budget. Enjoy fixed fee billing and unlimited calling in the USA and Canada.


vPhone Hosted Cloud PBX was built from the ground up to be reliable and redundant with multiple points of presence throughout the United States.


Our cloud hosted platform will scale with your business. Add users, devices, phone numbers, and other services quickly and easily.

Unified Communications

Operate from anywhere, with our hosted cloud solution. Using a cloud based solution gives you unprecedented flexibility allowing you to operate from just about anywhere you have Internet access.


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