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Do we need to have reliable Internet to use vPhone Hosted Cloud PBX phone service?

Yes, having reliable Internet is important to having quality voice calls. We will review your existing Internet service as part of our consultation.

What happens to our phone calls if our Internet goes down?

If your Internet service goes down your clients will still reach your phone system in the cloud. Inbound calls will still get routed to any virtual receptionists, menu’s, or voice mails you have setup. If any of your phone system users are unreachable because of an Internet outage we can also forward their calls to another phone number like their cell phone.

We can also assist you with designing and setting up a backup Internet connection if you desire.

Do we need special networking equipment to prioritize the phone calls over our normal Internet traffic?

This is something we typically review during our free consultation. Some phone service providers ignore this at their customers expense. If you are on a fast Internet connection with a surplus of available bandwidth you might never run into any voice quality issues due to someone on the network maxing your Internet connection. However, we can recommend and configure solutions for prioritizing your phone calls over other Internet traffic.

Will we be able to use our existing fax machine with your hosted phone service?

We will consider doing this in special cases, however, the fax to email and email to fax solution included in our phone service is more reliable, faster, and easier then using an on-premise based fax machine.

Will our existing SIP based phones and work with your phone service?

Yes, our service should work fine with most SIP based phone handsets. We do recommend and favor specific brands of phones. We discuss this during our initial consultation.

Can we use software based phones on our computers, smartphones, and tablets?

Yes, our service will work fine with most SIP based phone software phones. We do recommend and favor specific brands of software phones.

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